What We Do

We are a direct-to-consumer farm; we grow meat and eggs for sale directly to the people who will eat them. We believe a small family farm can still be a viable business in today’s “bigger is better” world, and that small farms supplying locally grown food to their communities can create a more resilient, healthy, and meaningful agricultural system. We raise chickens for human consumption, but we also believe that our chickens deserve to live their best possible life. We work hard to give all our animals the best and as much as they give back to us.

Why Pasture Raised?

Raising animals on pasture is not only better for the environment, but it can actually regenerate the soil on which the chickens are raised. As the chickens are moved to a different section of pasture, the manure they leave behind has a chance to work its way into the soil, helping to replenish the nutrients lost from grazing, and aiding in new plant growth. Our chickens spend their lives in the outdoors (never caged in barns), on a steady diet of fresh air, sunshine, clean water, and nutritious food that they obtain by exercising their natural instincts to peck, scratch, and forage. We believe our system of raising chickens on pasture and allowing them to practice foraging not only makes for happier chickens, but it makes for healthier, more nutrient-dense meat. We know you will taste the difference.

A red Rhode Island Red breed chicken walks in a pasture of green grass.

Our Ethics

  • We are a family farm. Our small farm generates a side income for our family and produces much of our family’s own groceries. Our family provides all the labor.
  • We work to increase the long-term health of the land and the community by using regenerative methods for land, pest, animal health, and soil management.
  • We build/use adaptable and portable infrastructure. Fences, shelters, water supplies, laying houses, and pasture pens can be easily moved as needed to allow for the regeneration of soil.
  • We find novel ways to work with the land. Every bit of our acreage is used for every purpose- growing food, pasturing animals, or resting the land. We try to make the most of our small farm square footage.
  • We create direct relationships with end consumers. By selling directly to our customers at local markets and pop-ups, we strive to help consumers understand how their food is grown and the economics of small and local farms.
Two crates of multicolor freshly laid eggs in egg cartons.