Grass Fed Beef Marrow Bones- Three Twelve Beef


Variable weight packs of dry-aged, grass-fed, and grass-finished beef stew meat.

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Variable weight packs of grass-fed and grass-finished Beef Marrow Bones. Beef Marrow Bones are excellent for making collagen-rich Beef Bone Broth.

Marrow Bones can be purchased for 1st & 3rd Saturday Market Pickup -OR- order by Tuesday and select delivery at checkout to be added to our weekly Wednesday delivery route.

Roast marrow bones at a high temperature for 30-40 minutes to add a rich deep flavor. After roasting, cover with filtered water in a deep stock pot. Add vegetable ends or scraps like onion, carrot, and celery if desired. Allow the broth to simmer for 12-24 hours (or longer!) on low heat to extract all the collagen for a rich and gelatinous broth.

Grass Fed Beef Marrow Bones are locally raised in St. Francisville, LA by the Morris Family. 312 Beef is Local Louisiana Beef that’s grass-fed, grass-finished, and/or pasture-raised with no added growth hormones.

More About the Source 312 Beef

PASTURE RAISED- Our cows and calves are always in their pastures in the Felicianas of Louisiana- walking around, lying down, and doing what cows like to do- eat grass.
GRASS FED BEEF- Our grass fed cattle will eat only grass and hay (and their mother’s milk) until the day they are harvested for tasty grass-fed beef.
GRASS FINISHED BEEF- Whereas traditional beef finishing (fattening) is done using grain in a feedlot, our animals stay on our farm, in our pasture, and eat only green grass or high-quality hay.  It takes 2 years to convert a calf to tasty 100% grass-fed beef.
ANTIBIOTICS- We give antibiotics ONLY to the cattle if they are sick, and we keep records of those. This is a rare occurrence, and we only harvest beef from the cattle after a withdrawal period.
NO ADDED GROWTH HORMONES- We do not ever add any growth hormones to our cattle.


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